Desktop Management


thin clientsThere are a number of options available including


These are viewed by many businesses, across both the private and public sectors, as a more secure, reliable and cost-effective alternative to standard desktop PCs

Today’s thin clients are capable of operating in virtually any established IT infrastructure, i.e. Microsoft or Linux operating systems, and many come pre-configured with Citrix XenDesktop, VMware Horizon, Microsoft Remote Desktop and other virtual desktop solutions which means that a thin client can be easily used within Virtual environments or with Server Based Computing, Cloud and Web Services.


To manage many devices and applications, numerous assets, and an unending list of software patches and with your workforce constantly changing with new requests every day, it can be a difficult and frustrating responsibility. The ZENworks® Suite (formerly Novell® ZENworks Suite) can help.

ZENworks Suite is a suite of seven products. Discounts are available upon purchase of the whole suite.

  • Service Desk -  Manage service requests and committed service levels quickly and easily with this customizable interface and scalable service management solution.
  • Desktop Containers - Package and deploy containerized Windows apps quickly and easily.
  • Asset Management - Improve license compliance with a complete view of software installations and sophisticated license reconciliation capabilities.
  • Configuration Management - Automates the lifecycle management of desktops, laptops and mobile devices so you can dramatically reduce TCO, and ensure all configurations comply with corporate policies.
  • Endpoint Security Management - Control client security remotely with a strong firewall, secure removable storage, and safe encryption policies.
  • Full Disk Encryption - Encrypt hard drives from any location with a web-based console and still provide automated data protection to mitigate threats.
  • Patch Management - Set patch policies so that all your devices have the right Windows patches at the right time.


We can provide a standardised implementation of an Operating System including associated software and custom configuration of hardware. It includes hardware drivers which allow it to be deployed to desktop and server devices, as well as virtual machines. The end goal is to have large numbers of computers quickly and automatically provisioned, with the desired result being a standardised and managed computing environment.

An SOE or Standard Operating Environment, can be broken up into a number of components including:

  • Hardware - Approved makes and models can be used with the standard build.
  • Operating Systems - A standard build will support Windows operating system
  • Applications software - A standard build can include a package of applications, including basic office applications, anti-virus software, e-mail, a calendar package and a web-browser and some other widely used programs, such as a PDF reader
  • Management - Once a standardised environment is deployed, it must be adequately managed and monitored.  This includes collecting inventory and asset information, distributing applications and patches, and making support tools such as remote control easily accessible.

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