Data Protection & GDPR


gdprBlueloop are able to provide Security and Data Management Services by helping to define and implement appropriate policies and procedures which will assist your business in compliance with Cyber Essentials and GDPR.

We can carry out an initial audit for both Security and Data which will include both virtual and physical checks.  We will also provide a formal report and recommendations of relevant actions that may or may not be required for best practise. 

Following implementation of recommendations, Blueloop will continue to support your business by providing monthly audits of policies and procedures.  We will provide comprehensive reports on a quarterly basis and review compliance. 

The team will handle GDPR requests on behalf of your organisation to comply with regulatory requirements.

Our Security-as-a-Service and Data Management-as-a-Service can ensure that your business is secure and that you are consistently compliant both holding Data and ensuring that this is delivered securely.
Our services also release this onerous task of existing staff from their existing heavy workloads.
It also depletes the requirement of employing additional staff to manage these requirements on a day-to -day basis.

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