Managed IT


manageditIt is Blueloop's unrivalled ability to consistently deliver prompt & professional service with practical technological innovation, matched to business need, which ensures we meet the high expectations set for us by our growing list of clients.

But what sets us apart? What makes us worthy of a relationship with you and your business? Here are just a few reasons to trust us with your IT requirements:

We can be anything you want us to be!

None of Blueloop's clients have exactly the same requirements. Some expect us to be responsible for all of their IT needs, to make it work, without fuss or fanfare. We would be involved in the strategic planning, the system monitoring, the maintenance and the all important daily support.

Some Blueloop clients expect us to complement their own team, to offer the extra skills and resources they need, when they need them, to work as trusted partners.

Some Blueloop clients need us to deliver specific services for them, under contract and service levels, that allow them to concentrate on what they know best, their business.

Blueloop look to understand your business from the outset, from the initial consultation, through to an IT audit and review, we will get to know your business and your unique requirements. All our client relationships are born this way and it is this knowledge that allows us to identify the competitive advantage we can offer.

Health Check

We begin all our service contracts with a comprehensive Health Check and audit of our client’s IT estate. This ensures we have a full understanding of the hardware, software and systems we will be helping to support but it also gives us a chance to use our experience and identify technical or procedural changes and alterations that may help our clients become more effective.
Our Health Checks explore and audit your server and desktop infrastructure, your network (LAN & WAN), your integrated and standalone software tools, printers and who uses your information technology and, most importantly, how they use it.

Effective management of an entire IT infrastructure is a non-trivial exercise, so the quality of the tools and expertise employed is vital to the on-going success of the function and ultimately the business.

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